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Numark’s NuVJ, US$300 DJ-Style MIDI Controller + VJ Software

(Update: I bought one of these controllers soon after they became available in Australia, and found that it had some compatibility issues with various VJ software. Definitely try before you buy. Jaymis.) Numark launched their NuVJ VJ product, a combination of a DJ-style MIDI controller with software from Arkaos, back at Musikmesse in April. The […]

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M-Audio Starts DJ Division, Kills Cross-Fader, Still Doesn’t Offer Decent DJ Control Surface

DJs and mobile, laptop-toting musicians alike share many of the same needs, for live, controllable sound and beats. We’ve got software that recognizes that: Ableton Live. DJs and computer musicians pushed for many of the same features, and the result is a tool that appeals to a wide group of people because they can use […]

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Scratching Visuals: the VJ Arms Race

I’m currently testing out my new BCD2000 which I picked up as a visuals controller, mostly for the jog wheels. While better controllers such as this or MsPinky makes scratching pre-produced video more intuitive, using scratches to generate visuals makes me much more excited. Enter the hottest new implementation: V-Scratch. VScratch allows a visual transcription […]

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