From generated pixels on a screen to artwork, translating computer art to prints can give computer-produced visuals new life. This week, Christina Vassallo lets us know about her new series of silkscreened limited editions from two artists whose work in code (via Processing) we already know and love. Christina writes:

February 1 was the online launch of Random Number Multiples, a curated collection of limited edition artworks. This extension of my practice supports artists in their exploration of printmaking processes, and connects contemporary art appreciators with new and collectible work. Random Number Multiples debuts with two silk screened data visualizations by Jer Thorp, and two abstract compositions by Marius Watz. Both artists use custom software as their medium, but for this project they have chosen to experiment with an analog print process.

It’s a treat not only to see the output, but in the Flickr slideshow here, some of the process that went into that output. Just seeing that MacBook Pro and big buckets of color next to one another is a reminder that something special happens when you use the digital medium alongside traditional craft, when the continuity with art is restored.

And lest people assume that making work for browsers has to make art somehow valueless, that really doesn’t have to be the case. It does make art affordable – the limited runs are just US$100 for an edition of 50.

Random Number Multiples

A look at the results after the jump, with low-resolution works that give you some small taste of the quality of the physical objects… and having seen some of those, it really is special to see the beauty of these works when they’re no longer limited to screen resolution. Digital art can be cold and abstract onscreen but have a sensual quality as a print; it’s hard to describe.

I’ll be curious to check back in to see how this project goes. Random Multiple has done a number of interesting projects. I was part of an installation that took over an abandoned convent; more recently, artists reimagined the miniature golf course. (Really.)

All photos courtesy Random Number; used by permission and (C) Random Number / Christina Vassallo — see her Flickr stream.

Random Number
Jer Thorp aka blprint
Marius Watz: Generator.x, Code & Form

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  • Very interesting Project. For me thats the futute of income for the media artist. Will somebody buy a processing sketch? No. But limited prints are great for galleries etc.
    We did something comparable last year with one of our installations. This year im planning to use shapeways to generate a run of sculptures out of a 3D piece.

  • Interesting project.

  • Wow! Fell in love with the work. Bought the blue horizontal piece!

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