The latest TouchDesigner roundtable comes to us from inside Berlin’s Zeiss-Gro√üplanetarium

It’s an even rounder roundtable – inside an epic planetarium dome. The latest TouchDesigner roundtable falls in a major couple of weeks for the world media art scene as it descends on Berlin for Transmediale and CTM. That means a very special edition on TouchDesigner and spatial imagery and sound.

In Berlin, a gathering of Detroit Underground artists live, and evocative 3D DEFASTEN visuals

Thursday night, as part of Vorspiel – the lead-up to CTM Festival and Transmediale – we’re gathering like-minded creative souls at Berlin’s Urban Spree. It’s an all-live electronic night with visuals by DEFASTEN, marking an AV release (on VHS!). Virtual and in-person immersive sounds and imagery collide, whether you’re in the club or watching a screen, which is just how we like it.

Peter Kirn - January 24, 2023

OBS Studio captures audio directly on macOS 13, plus OBS 29 boosts encoder support

Streaming and recording music and motion apps just got a whole lot easier on the Mac. OBS Studio 28+ together with macOS 13 Ventura now no longer needs complex loopback or capture setups. And OBS is generally boosting its encoder support, making this essential tool for music and visuals even better.

Peter Kirn - January 18, 2023

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