Inside Cristian Vogel’s ShifterMesh, a multi-effect inspired by Chilean forests

We’ve got ancient Chilean trees, a serial/parallel frequency shifter effect combined with a rich reverb, and a tool you can try in your browser as well as in plug-in form. Let’s talk to acclaimed composer Cristian Vogel about the art and code of NEL ShifterMesh.

Betty Apple, sci-fi, mermaids, volcanoes, techno, time travel: album + interview

Betty Apple’s Taiwan Bay Be is a full-length album exploring Taiwanese identity, time travel, sound, and the cosmic. Released this year on our Establishment, Betty is now in Berlin for a live presentation on Wednesday – and she has a lot to say, from unpacking the mermaid fairy tail to imagining science fiction futures and sound’s relationship to “God” and life after death.

Peter Kirn - June 25, 2024

Enough!, compilation for Gaza, joined by call to sound from Dr. Ghassan

As the preventable crisis of starvation and death continues to play out in Gaza, the compilation “Enough!” begins with the words of a mother whose children were murdered. Mayss from Jordan has assembled a massive roster of international and emerging artists, but crucially, this compilation also comes with a message from Dr. Ghassan Abu Sittah.

Peter Kirn - June 13, 2024

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