Hands on: Cong Burn’s Stacks plug-in and iOS app synths, loops, and layers

From the creator of Strokes, Stacks is a unique 4-voice wavetable morphing polysynth combined with a 4-track granular looper. But that description doesn’t really do it justice: modeling and digital grunge combine to make a raunchy instrument that behaves like an experimental studio.

Rare Oberheim OB-1 is perfect as a plug-in: review, Tom Oberheim vid

Falling through a hole in space-time from 1978-1979, the Oberheim OB-1 seems strangely at home as a monosynth (or polysynth) in 2024. GForce made an addictively good recreation in plug-in form – and it’s the perfect time for Tom Oberheim himself to weigh in on his creation.

Peter Kirn - July 12, 2024

Bitwig Studio now has some gorgeous themes, thanks to user mods

Bitwig Studio, by default, has one love-it-or-leave-it color scheme. There are contrast controls, but that’s it. Without an official, supported solution, users have banded together to create their own customization – and some of the themes they’re producing look fantastic.

Peter Kirn - July 11, 2024

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