Go watch this deep dive on AI-generated textures – what works, what doesn’t

Machine learning isn’t necessarily always going to be about typing a prompt and letting the machine do the work. There are far subtler possibilities in generating tiles – and even how tiles are grafted together for seamless materials. Here’s a great deep dive into that topic.

Revisit David Tudor’s Rainforest sound installation with 360-degree view

David Tudor’s Rainforest series is a beautiful artistic use of resonance, a well that never runs dry. So as I was going through some teaching notes today, I found myself returning to Tudor’s thoughts on the piece, plus a 360-degree record of a recreation at MOMA a few years back.

Peter Kirn - July 17, 2024

Vlad Kreimer, SOMA founder, under fire for event in occupied Crimea

The founder of SOMA Laboratory announced he would participate in an event in occupied Crimea in September at a venue backed by the Russian government. That revelation has produced an outcry from Ukrainian and international musicians and cultural workers – starting with a former Mariupol resident.

Peter Kirn - July 16, 2024

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