SunVox, the powerful modular DAW for a few bucks, just added major new features

SunVox 1.9.6 is here, with a pitch detection module, envelope generator, new harmonics features, an AUv3 on iOS, and lots more. It’s a full modular synth and creation environment as donationware or a few dollars on mobile. And it runs on almost everything. So yeah – you can afford it.

ClipGain adds the feature Ableton Live’s timeline forgot

It’s the little things sometimes. Adjust the gain of Clips from the Arrangement, right on the timeline, with this €3 Max for Live add-on for Live 10 and later.

Peter Kirn - November 23, 2020

Create Analog OSes: someone booted MS-DOS from a vinyl record

Oh sure, you think it’s impressive when you upload a vinyl-only DJ set. But real analog purists run their whole operating system on analog.

Peter Kirn - November 23, 2020

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