FS FreezeVerb isn’t your ordinary reverb app, it has a couple of features you need to check out

FS FreezeVerb isn’t just any ordinary reverb, it comes with a couple of features that are worth checking out, the room visualisation and freeze function

KQ Dixie could be the closest you’ll get to a DX7 on your iOS device

KQ Dixie could be the closest you’ll get to a real Yamaha DX7 on your iOS device, and what’s more it’ll actually control a DX7 is you connect one over MIDI

Ashley Elsdon - January 16, 2018

Roland R-07 wants to be your next recorder – and your phone’s friend

Smartphones have already changed how we think about cameras. So what about recording? The newest handheld in Roland’s popular line has one answer to that.

Peter Kirn - January 8, 2018

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