Reharmonized tone-deaf Star-Spangled Banner is now its own genre

We live in extraordinary times—times when the Internet has driven innovation and shared culture to previously unknown levels. And as with extreme performance in pro sports, we’re now treated to harmonization of the most tone-deaf renditions of the USA’s national anthem that are reimagining tonal harmony.

Revisit David Tudor’s Rainforest sound installation with 360-degree view

David Tudor’s Rainforest series is a beautiful artistic use of resonance, a well that never runs dry. So as I was going through some teaching notes today, I found myself returning to Tudor’s thoughts on the piece, plus a 360-degree record of a recreation at MOMA a few years back.

Peter Kirn - July 17, 2024

Tesla Berlin factory opens a “rave cave” as Musk embraces far-right

Talk about “business techno”: corporate techno appropriation continues, as Elon Musk has evidently opened an employee-only club space at the Gigafactory Berlin. And it’s emblematic of some political storm clouds gathering over the German capital.

Peter Kirn - July 11, 2024

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