John Keston of Audio Cookbook sends in a fascinating project: he’s producing one sound each day from a different synthesizer. Sounds like a great way to build up a library of sounds. He writes:

On January 5, 2011 I started a new project on called “One Synthesizer Sound Every Day”. It’s in the vein of the “One Sound Every Day” project I did from July 2008 to 2009, except focused on synthesis. Last week I surpassed my fiftieth article in the project.

I’ve been posting self-produced sounds from a wide variety of hardware and software synths including: Casio CZ-1000, Roland D-50, Sequential Circuits Pro-One, Roland Juno-106, Dave Smith Instruments Prophet 08, Roland MKS-80, Korg Monotron, Korg MS2K, MFOS WSG, Max, Max for Live, and Curve Community Driven Synthesizer with more to come.

Some of John’s favorites, he says:
Eerie Pseudo Oscillator Microtrack
Juno-106 Bad Voice Chip Glitch
Roland Juno-106 with Bad Voice Chip Restored
Synthesizer Noise Jam #3 Though Master Effects Chain
Music Technology Soul Searching

Check out the whole collection:
One Synthesizer Sound Every Day [tag]

  • So far I'm drawing from about thirteen hardware synths, and a handful of virtual instruments (including what's in Reason, Ableton Suite 8, and a few odd things I'm building in Max or Max for Live). Suggestions on areas to explore are more than welcome. Thanks!

  • Pavel Nezamayev

    Great idea, but why do the sounds come as MP3 files?

  • try making a complete song with only one audio source per day. Pretty cool.

  • @Pavel So that you can listen and read at the same time on a non-HTML5 browser. Every so often I upload the .wav files to, but it’s a time consuming process. Where’s my intern?