Apple’s tablet has grown in popularity partly as a sketchpad for doing less, and focusing more. A clean slate for music, it’s also a clean slate for software design.

Or, that’s its potential. But while the iPad has become a platform for extraordinary instruments and controllers, for many of us it hasn’t yet become a hub for creating, arranging, and sequencing ideas. Modstep could change that.

First, let’s back up and consider some of the basic elements that make music making fun. Because if we start subtracting functionality in the name of simplicity, we had better hope we don’t lose those elements. For me, that’s:

1. Playing with rhythm and melody.
2. Tweaking my favorite synthesizers (software or hardware).
3. Messing about with sound recordings.

The desktop Digital Audio Workstation lets us do these things by virtue of the fact that it does absolutely everything anyone would ever want. But all that functionality crammed onto a tablet feels awkward and unfocused. (It’s often uninspiring on the desktop, too, when it’s more than is needed for a job.)

Going the opposite way, though, you could try to produce a music tool for mobile from the ground-up that’s as simple as possible. Auxy’s Henrik Lenberg recently waxes poetic about rethinking music creation But by refocusing on stock sounds at the expense of external sounds, by removing the ability to work with our external toys, and by over-simplifying rhythm, part of what Auxy rethinks is the very stuff I find exciting. (That’s not to say Auxy doesn’t have a place, and I’ll write more about it soon.)

Modstep in action on the new iPad Pro, right, versus an iPad Air, left. Amazing what happens with screen real estate.

Modstep in action on the new iPad Pro, right, versus an iPad Air, left. Amazing what happens with screen real estate.

Modstep is not uncompromising in its simplicity. It has, in fact, a surprising amount of functionality packed into it.

But what is is is a tool that starts with step sequencing as its soul, then builds around it all the ways you might want to create to your other tools, and to creative sound design. It’s probably overwhelming for the absolute beginner Auxy is targeting, but then it becomes immediately appealing the moment that same user buys a KORG volca series or (we hope) a MeeBlip.

Steps and clips are at the heart of the interface.

Steps and clips are at the heart of the interface.

And if in the past the iPad has shown us how powerful it is to touch sound with our fingers, ModStep shows us how powerful it is to touch sequences. From notes to modulation, you get everything you love about a sequence, liberated from having to get at it with a keyboard and mouse.

This preview does a nice job of walking you through what that means:

Now, as it happens, I know the entire development team (they’re friends), and in particular lead developer/designer Benjamin Weiss is my studio mate and collaborator on the Nerk/Kirn project. Our music is even in that trailer. (I’m waiting on the royalty check.)

Whatever bias that may make me feel (and those of you who know me knows I’m biased toward generally arguing with my friends), I have gotten to watch it evolve. I was frankly worried along the road about feature creep and complexity.

But with version 1.0, I finally get a sense of where they were going.

Session view and mixer.

Session view and mixer.

It lets you build patterns with live input, steps, clips, and sets. The core “atom” of Modstep is a step sequencer, complete with sliders and the like. But you can also play music live (with chords and with note repeat if you choose), and chain and loop patterns into bigger sets. An Ableton-style clip view keeps everything organized. That means you can approach this as a simple monophonic XOX sequencer, or go nuts with tons of patterns. And… sorry, Elektron lovers, but that also means an iPad Pro is a compelling competitor for an Octatrack. It’ll be fun to watch those camps duke it out, actually.

It’s a hub for hardware. With full MIDI interface support and the ability to both control Modstep from external gear and use Modstep to control external gear, Modstep is a return to the days when a dedicated sequencer was the hub of your workflow.

It’s a hub for apps and for sequencing desktop software. Want to control synths on your computer or your iPad instead? Or add in instruments and effects from your iPad, via Apple’s Inter-App Audio (IAA)? Modstep acts as a central music-making tool for the apps you’ve collected, too. There’s even a built-in IAA mixer.

The powerful template editor, which comes pre-equipped with a library of useful templates. That makes Modstep a librarian as much as a sequencer.

The powerful template editor, which comes pre-equipped with a library of useful templates. That makes Modstep a librarian as much as a sequencer.

It uses templates to keep track of everything. If you’re going to play and modulate hardware and software, you want access to all the parameters on those instruments. A custom template editor, plus a bunch of built-in templates (like our own MeeBlip) let you make Modstep into a kind of sequencer/librarian.

It’s got its own synth and drum sampler. If Modstep were just a sequencer, it would fall silent whenever it was disconnected from external gear or apps. Instead, Modstep here works with a built-in drum sampler and synth. The drum sampler is especially nice, because it means Modstep on its own is a workstation for sampling and arrangement.

The built-in MPC-style sampler.

The built-in MPC-style sampler.

Also, having watched Benjamin in the studio, I’ve been slowly converted to the Modstep way of doing things. The combination of hardware templates with extensive modulation editing means that any sequencer immediately gives you tremendous control over that gear. (I’m still more, ahem, minimal in my modulation than Mr. Nerk.) And if you aren’t playing MIDI lines on pads or keyboards or other physical inputs, it’s hugely useful to have Modstep around as a sequencer. I’m on the road a bunch this month, so I may find that a lifesaver, because I won’t have my controllers around.

Here’s a complete feature list:

Built-in synth.

Built-in synth.

Full-blown MIDI sequencer with Step Sequencer and Piano Roll
Unlimited MIDI tracks
Audio and MIDI streaming directly via charger cable to Mac and PC using studiomux technology
Up to 128 MIDI CCs per Track can be modulated
Built-in drum sampler with filter, delay and reverb, fully modulate-able
Built-in synthesizer with filter, delay and reverb, fully modulate-able
Templates to control external MIDI hardware
Template editor to create your own templates for IAA Apps, desktop Apps and external MIDI devices
Supports all MIDI interfaces for the iPad
Core functionality controllable via external MIDI controllers
Works on all iPads (iPad 1 restricted to MIDI only)
Trigger out
Integrated IAA mixer
Step Sequencer with active steps
Use third party IAAs as instruments and effects within one app

If step sequencing isn't always your game, there's a piano roll view, as well.

If step sequencing isn’t always your game, there’s a piano roll view, as well.

And some of the musical workflow features that become available:

1. Gives you up to 256 steps per track so anything from 1/256 to 256/256 steps.
2. Unlimited tracks (RAM and CPU dependent of course)
3. Able to set each track to desired length (Polyrhythmic fun)
4. Clips which contain tracks and give you ableton style clip launching paradigm.
5. Unlimited Clips
6. XOX style input AND Pianoroll for finer adjustment
7. All tracks can be used for Drums/Polyphonic Chords/Mono
8. Sophisticated pattern chaining/looping/muting/solo.
9. Scales
10. Stable external Midisync (swingable)!!!
11. Can copy, edit and record data in realtime without stopping playback
12.128 CC’s per track
14. Edit step velocity/length/CC modulation/shift left and right/transpose
15. Note repeat

I suspect for many of you, this epic feature list is probably making you want an iPad if you don’t have already. So, which iPads are supported?

Actually, this could be a chance to keep an older device from collecting dust – or an excuse to look for someone who wants to sell you (or give you) even their first-gen iPad.

As long as you’re satisfied with just the MIDI portion, even that first-gen model will work. (And they have a really lovely screen and terrific touch input, so it’s a shame they’re just getting recycled or shelved.)

iOS 8 is listed as a requirement, but you can even use an earlier version. Modstep confirms to CDM:

iOS 5 and later: MIDI.
iOS 7 and later: Internal synth, Inter App Audio.
iOS 8: Internal Sampler.

Now, all of this should make it clear than an iPad can become a dedicated tool for music making. In fact, it might make the iPad Pro look more appealing. But there are ways you could use this with a computer, too. The developers of Modstep also made my favorite iOS-to-computer MIDI and audio connection tools, Midimux/Studiomux. So, naturally, you could use Modstep connected to a laptop not only as a controller, but also streaming audio from its internal synth and drum sampler (and connected apps) back to a desktop DAW for more serious arrangement, editing, mixing, and processing.

Version 1.01 is coming, too; Modstep tells CDM that will bring some significant bug fixes as well as support for Ableton’s Link technology. Link will be a huge boon: it’ll let Modstep users jam together, wirelessly, with a couple of iPads, or let you sync up with Ableton Live.

For more, head to Modstep’s site:

Modstep is US$19.99 on the App Store. We’ll have more videos showing how to work with it over coming weeks, no doubt.

And let us know what you think.

(Speaking of, if you’re in Ukraine or Albania, I’m curious to hear from you – seems Modstep is tearing up your app charts.)

  • Adam Jay


  • Freeks

    iOS5 only midi and it cost’s 20€ same as iOS8 with sampler.

    Please drop the iOS5 price to 10€

    • Okay, a few things:

      1. It’s not possible to have different pricing for different OSes.
      2. This is the most powerful MIDI sequencer on iOS, period, for just 20€.
      3. This is one of the most powerful MIDI sequencers anywhere that I know of for 20€.
      4. You’re crazy.

      I mean, they could have just not done a sampler. Or (as most developers do) not supported iOS 5.

      • DVS DBS

        At first he/she does seem crazy. But the app for lower OS’s is an inferior product to newer OS’s. Shouldn’t the price be lower too ? Or maybe the full version should be Modstep + . Regardless, I would faithfully bet money the app crashes or sync is unreliable since StudioMux server is involved. Why is the beta still open after rollout ? Hmmm ?

      • DVS DBS

        Price means nothing if it’s unreliable. I’m surprised I haven’t heard yet it’s a cheap app so if it doesn’t work your not out too much money.. Or 20 years ago this feature set would’ve cost thousands … Who cares… You buy broken gear intentionally ?

  • misksound

    beta tester here: it’s amazing, and i’ll be picking this up shortly! 🙂

    • DBS

      Thanks for warning about the sync and crashes mister beta tester !

  • Richtowns

    It’s a great app but it doesnt have AB like you said in the review

  • heinrichz

    Looking forward to this release..i was hoping for Ableton to do an iPad app at some point, but now this looks like it will do everything i need on the go.

  • Simon

    Could you clarify – does this also allow triggering of audio clips, like Ableton and Octatrack? Certainly looks like a great app even without this functionally, but it would definitely be on my list as a Octatrack replacement if it could handle audio in the same way. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE my Octatrack, but……..

    • DBS

      Octatrack vs. Modstep ? Not in the same boat. Not in the same ballpark, not in the same neighborhood. Just, no…

  • SyntheticJuice

    That’s funny, a lot of these points you talk about in this article are the reasons why I’m checking out Renoise 3.1 on my computer as a step sequencer. Once you get used to the tracker interface, hex values, and keyboard shortcuts, the workflow really starts to gel together, in a way that’s different from Live or Maschine.

    That said, the “house” iPad is about to be “waterfalled” down to me, and modstep and studiomux looks pretty interesting.

  • Simon

    One of the things I love most about the Octatrack is using it for sending midi to various synths and using P-locks to send CC control for complex modulations. It is a lot of fun and pretty unique to the Octatrack. But this app looks like it might just improve on that and add an improved user interface.

    • DBS

      Octatrack vs. Modstep ? Not in the same boat. Not in the same ballpark, not in the same neighborhood. Just, no…

  • Will

    Epic epic thank you to the dev team for keeping iOS 5+ alive. I don’t think most people are aware of how absurdly difficult Apple makes it to accomplish this. Thank you!

    Here’s the thing: an iPad 1 goes for < $100 on the bay. You could have an iPad and a MIDI interface for less than most sequencers on the market today. With a hell of a lot more features than most of them as well. Some of the docks and the iConnect devices will keep the thing charged while you work which means it really can be a full on replacement for a standalone hardware sequencer. Plus you can bring it on the bus.

    Peter, I suspect I'm not alone in my want to see a CDM article on the bi-directional hardware integration aspect of ModStep. I know it comes with a ton of hardware profiles (and software profiles) but I haven't seen them listed en-masse anywhere. Or anything about rolling your own. What about support for input devices like the Launchpad series? Any plans for support for a hardware input device that could represent the current pattern's sequence (like via the BeatStep pads)?

    Nice tune by the way!

    • Will

      Not to belabor it but I had to do the math:

      1) Two iPad 1s (go big!)
      2) a single copy of this app
      3) an iConnectMIDI2+ with charging
      4) two 30 pin cables for the iCM2+ (they ship with lightening these days)

      Comes to: ~$350*.

      Once LINK is in the mix… Damn! That’s a lot of sequencer for $350!

      * The 30pin cables are $40 each. This would be a lot cheaper if you get a used iCM2+ with a 30pin included.

      If you want to trigger audio from the iPad while still on an iPad 1, get a copy of NanoStudio for $15 bucks and jam it full of samples. It’ll happily run 10-15 tracks of samples+synth while in the background on an iPad 1. Indeed, lots of great apps will work on an iPad 1:

  • Polite Society

    That looks fantastic. Definitely picking up.

  • Peter, do you know if it’s quantizing automatically when you record from external keyboard?

  • m.c. phoo (pro’d em cee fu)

    love this app – likewise – beta testing for months – can’t get over how it’s grown – it’s a vision -exactly how to sequence on touch devices. happy holidays – congratulations to the team for getting this out by year end. Who won’t be rushing to their door to get this tool?

    • DBS

      Beta testing for months huh ? Thanks for warning us about the sync and crashes !

  • m.c. phoo (pro’d em cee fu)

    also worth talking about the design of this app – it resonates with the surface, with the touch control experience. it is so well integrated with the ipad flow moving between instruments – the way LIVE makes one feel that it enables creativity – on the ipad – modstep seems to enable productivity – getting the gnarly bits of ipad synth coordination out of the way so one can WORK and create and just focus more on the work. v. exciting.

  • DBS

    This is a well written article / advertorial and I’m sure Modstep will be a great app if it works. I’d like to share a buyer beware about appBC, sadly and hesitantly, as I hear so many great things about Touchable, and Modstep looks like a killer app, but Studiomux is an absolute nightmare as an app, and support staff is absolutely amateur. First of all, Studiomux, and when it was sold separately as MIDImux, and Audiomux never had a manual. If you had a problem, and you will, there is no troubleshooting section to turn to, I may be wrong, but Modstep has no manual either, and since I left a similar post on Synthtopia and this is on appBC’s radar as they replied to my post on Synthopia, a manual may likely be out soon, your welcome. For now, Studiomux only has a brief walk through on the website, which is incomplete, and left me to some trial and error work. The Audiomux portion of Studiomux works great alone, that is if you can get it to work. I find myself having to reboot the app, the middleware, and Ableton several times before I get Studiomux to work. You cannot just reboot the app or middleware, it requires you to reboot Ableton too. It is always a roll of the dice if Studiomux is going to work on first boot. I finally gave up after several days of rebooting, I ended it once and for all after 20 minutes of futile reboots interrupting my music session. If you use Audiomux alone, without MIDImux, Audiomux will work as advertised, but expect frustration cause again it is a roll of the dice if it will work on the first try. OMG, the MIDImux portion of Studiomux, what a nightmare! If you plan on using it for only sending MIDI note data from Ableton to an app it works, I have not tried CC data though, but it was able to sequence notes to Animoog great, absolutely on time, no latency either and if there is I’m sure it’s in the unnoticeable fraction of a millisecond range. It’s the sync that is a nightmare. The transport works to send clock to drum machines, again roll of the dice and several reboots required. When it does work there is no latency, and transport is on time, instantaneous, but always has an instance of jitter at least once every 2 bars. The workaround is to record, for instance, 32 bars, and cut out the parts with no jitter and paste them together, a huge time and creativity killer. I wrote support about it and did not receive a reply for 3 weeks. When they did reply they were clueless and stated no sync issues have been reported and that they had contacted Korg and were waiting for Korg to send them a copy of iELectribe. Weeks went by and I never heard back, my support request was abandoned. After my 20 minute futile reboot session with Studiomux, I wrote a complaint on their FB page. It was angry and written with frustration but contained no obscenities, they deleted the complaint in minutes. I re-wrote it and it was deleted instantly. Now absolutely pissed, I wrote my complaint in the reply section of several other support requests from other users, in hopes to get a reply from support, and they deleted the others users posts. When I saw the product announcement on Synthtopia for Modstep, I wrote a buyer beware comment and received a reply from someone with a much higher position than support. They denied ever deleting my support request, BS. They blame-shifted the problem to Korg, BS. When the transport sync works with iElectribe it works fine, and it always has, again, roll of the dice on how many times you will have to reboot though, and the jitter is ALWAYS there. Elasticdrums was the app were transport never worked and it was a Studiomux problem, and they released an update and the transport and sync now that works with Elasticdrums, again after rebooting several times. Korg apps never had a transport issue, Elasticdrums did. The only problem with iElectibe is jitter, and getting Studiomux to work without rebooting 20 minutes a session, but that is with every app, not just Korg apps. When you get lucky and it works, iElectibe has no transport issues. They keep trying to blame-shift the issue to Korg transport. I find it very amateur that I had to make a public complaint on a widely read blog to get a reply to my support request instead if a direct reply to my original request that were abandoned. Recap: Bad support, they abandon requests, blameshift to Korg, I’ve beta tested VST’s and Cableboxes over the past 14 years, the issue is not with Korg transport that works fine, the issue is having to reboot studiomux several times before it works and when it does the Jitter throws it off sync- no manuals – install walkthrough is not very detailed no troubleshooting section – jittery sync – constant reboots of the app and middleware which also require an additional reboot of Ableton – no refunds ( I was told I can write to apple and they MAY give me one though). If they were willing to work with me now, I’d decline, as they only displayed a concern after I went vocal about the issue on a widely read blog. I would not buy Touchable, based on my experience, even though I hear it is a great app, the same is true now for Modstep. I am disappointed they invested in the development and release of Modstep before ironing out the wrinkles in Studiomux. I hope early adopters of Modstep dont get shafted, and I hope the sync is not a copy of the MIDImux / Studiomux sync .. buyer beware !

    • super4mod

      I wish I read your comment before buying this… I’m fed up with companies who release half-assed apps and are advertised as “game-changing”. I don’t even use IAA or Studiomux, I just bought it to sequence my Volcas and Microbrute, and it’s not even capable of passing MIDI from my MIDI controller to my external synths. Congrats to them, they made $20 off my back.

      • DBS

        super4mod, I agree. Because most apps are cheap it is unlikely someone will take legal action over an app that cost the price of a beer though. I have seen all over the internet phrases such as “dude, chill, it was only $5″… However it is still robbery if the dev intentionially released it knowing it would not perform as advertised… Whether it is $5 or $5k it is robbery to purchase broken gear. I watched iOS / ipad / iPhone music apps evolve from toys to tools, and I have to admit I was excited with what studiomux promised. The only thing appBC revolutionized is recordsetting premature rollout of an app. Ableton link and an aux cord is a far better 1 cable solution !

    • Pascal

      The manual has been in the works since the beta phase. There a wip version available, and I suppose it would be better to at least make that one more visible until the final version is released, but you really don’t have to thank yourself for it.

      If you want your rant to be read, why don’t you add some paragraphs to make it readable?

      If you bought StudioMux and they do not fix a bug that annoys you, why don’t you ask Apple for a refund?

      There are multiple problems with modstep, including one that I reported and that is not listed in the known bugs for version 1.0.1, but I am confident they will fix them like the fixed and changed lots of things in the beta phase. I also think this release (that still contains at least one bug from the last beta) was too early.

      • DBS

        Thank you for letting me know Pascal that someone in the world enjoys purchasing broken gear, I on the other hand enjoy making music with the gear I purchase, not rebooting and getting gear to work that takes chunks of time out of my sessions. Gear usually breaks after you purchase where you may use a warranty option, not before it’s purchased. Imagine the chaos if a REAL music tech company released a product as unstable as appBC products? What would happen if Korg or Roland got a half-functioning product past distro and it hit the shelves and people purchased it, would you still stand behind your broken product too ? Please don’t reply with the excuse it’s a cheap app that cost the same price as beer, not a $600-$2500 synth… broken gear is broken gear … A) Manual.. you state it has been “in the works” ( as in they are still working on it, unlike every other tech company in the world who releases a manual with their product) .. I own studiomux, there is no manual. Not on the website, not in the download, no link from the app, vst, or system tray to a manual. B) This is the internet, don’t expect a dissertation. I would consider a proper write up if I was a competitor company though. C) I stood behind the product at first hoping for a fix, but instead Modstep was rolled out before they fixed their mess with studiomux, how professional ! Anyway, I did write support, it took 3 weeks for a response, I waited several more weeks waiting for an app that works. IIRC, Apple will not refund after 60 or 90 days, regardless when I went to return it it was past the deadline. D) Reread your post. I would like to point out that not only I, but you also agree appBC products have “multiple problems”, in your exact words I might mention. Who buys gear with “multiple problems”? Why do all the beta-testers report a solid product, yet the actual customers report sync problems ? Modstep is a premature released product, like studiomux, hiding behind a not so cleverly disguised 1.0.1 beta. Why do support take 3 weeks to reply, why is their no manual, and why has appBC’s last two products been prematurely rolled out with the products still in beta ? aPPBC either has no budget for a manual, or are intentionally witholding the money to write a manual, or is waiting for a fan off the internet to write it for free for them in exchange for some early beta releases of upcoming products.

  • DBS

    A 6×6 drumpad for a keyboard instead of an 8×8 or an actual keyboard ( think touchOSC) ? Pattern Chain ? Song Mode ?

  • noegruS niarB knurD

    Went to the Modstep site… no Manual… requires the studiomux server middleware, yikes, theres gonna be sync issues !

  • kable

    Awesome promise of an app, but the bugs are killing this thing at the moment. Finally got it stable enough to run four tracks to various apps (often it crashed with the first IAA instance), and when it works it’s pretty magical. The inclusion of Link will be a huge step in the right direction, but stability fixes need to happen shortly if I’m going to use this with any confidence.

    • DVS DBS

      I bet your wondering like me, who all of these beta testers are posting here and Synthopia stating they have been beta testing for months and it is a great app, because the posters who actually purchased it, not beta tested, report nothing but crashes. Would you have purchased it if you knew it was so unreliable ? No manual either , WTF ??

      • kabletx

        Yes, I would have purchased it regardless given the likelihood of updates (which have already significantly improved the situation). i believe in investing in the work of developers when they are striving to produce awesome things. I also can afford to take the occasional hit in the App Store. I report my findings for those that might not be so lucky.

        • DBS

          You and are two different people. I dont take $ hits on unreliable gear. Not $5k, not $5. Gigging and relying on broken gear is not in my vocabulary. When it comes to investing in small developers work take a look at Audiodamage and Valhalla DSP as a role model. Crashes are not in their vocabulary either.

  • JR

    The sequencing side of things is very fun, once you figure it out (humbug, no manual)

    The file management is unuseable for me, but perhaps thats because I’m doing something wrong (humbug, no manual)

    Selecting something I’ve saved and hitting load crashes the app, which means I’m limited to working in the moment (which is my normal MO anyway TBH, but hey, functions like this should work)

    • DVS DBS

      Your not the only one reporting that. AppBC did a rollout before fixing all the bugs.. Release too early, they did the same w/ Studiomux, they release broken apps instead of releasing tools that just work without having to interrupt your music sessions. If you buy a guitar pedal and an advertised feature is broken you return it, you cannot gig with it, your writing time is interrupted due to troubleshooting, with no manual I might add. Why would someone buy an app, or any music tool where half of the features promised don’t work? Would Moog release a synth with out of sync LFO’s. Would you buy a Korg synth to find out the KARMA technology only works sometimes ? AppBC, rollout solid products ! You can only get by on shiny apps so long ! The claim of Studiomux being the first revolutionary app to do audio and MIDI over an iPad charger cable means nothing if it doesn’t work. I have a nice 1 cable alternative ! Ableton Link and a headphone out aux cable ! P.S. Link Works !

  • Baker

    what does “support for ipad pro” actually mean?…is it possible to use the pro’s split view feature?…

  • GovernorSilver

    People should stop comparing ModStep to Octatrack. They’re just too different.

    • DBS

      Seriously, Octatrack vs. Modstep ? Not in the same boat. Not in the same ballpark, not in the same neighborhood. Just, no…

  • Wilfried Thierry

    I bought it the day I’ve heard about it. It was exactly what I was looking for !
    Without MIDI Program Changes, I can’t use it… It’s a major feature to me while playing live.

    • DBS

      I have a Novation Launchpad, and a Nocturn running Nativkontrol LPC Live 2 script. Poor Man’s Push. Sends Prog change too. Been lazy using touchOSC templates lately though, less real estate, no prog change though..

  • Benjamin Weiss

    Hi there, Benjamin from modstep here, just wanted to clarify a few things.

    We do have a manual, you can find it here:

    The current version 1.0.1 does have a few bugs unfortunately, but an update to version 1.0.2 was uploaded to the AppStore yesterday and fixes ALL of these. Here is the changelog.

    New features:
    – audiobus support: added 8 audiobus output channels
    – AudioShare export and recording of all tracks (hit the new tapedeck button to record all tracks with internal instruments or IAAs, the files can be found in the /Recordings/ folder and exported to AudioShare or the internal Sampler via the file browser). The recordings are quantized to the current clip quantization.
    – improved Reverb
    – massively lower CPU usage – especially older iPads will run a lot more tracks now.
    – iPad 1 support is back (unfortunately it’s getting harder and harder to keep it that way!)
    – new parameter on Sampler ‘One Shot’ that disables the ADSR completely
    – Clips, Scenes and Arm, Mute, Solo, Volumes per Track are now MIDI mappable to external controllers.
    – Tempo Up/Down and Nudge are now MIDI mappable.
    – CPU meter is much more accurate now and only monitors the audio-thread.
    – Tracks will now correctly remember their MIDI setup and restore it upon load.
    – lots of small enhancements

    – IAA Effects load the proper effect now
    – IAA Effects will delete/restore fine again
    – IAAs show the proper icons in the VST when used with studiomux
    – fixed a bug that would prevent tempo changes when Ableton Link was not activated
    – fixed a bug that would cause wrong IAA fx to be loaded
    – tons of enhancements and other bugfixes
    – fixed Clip & Track Import & Export
    – new externally recorded notes and CCs will be played back immediately now

  • Benjamin Weiss

    Hi Wilfried, we actually have Program Change in the CC slots, you just have to drag it to the right or left CC slots.

    • Wilfried Thierry

      Oh ! I didn’t notice ! That’s great ! 😀

    • Tucay

      Does modstep receive program change messages to allow change of template or scene?
      This would be important for me to use it as a sub-sequencer with mpc1000


      • Bas Biesheuvel

        I don’t think it does and I miss this feature as well. But I it would probably require a new setup screen where you can map your templates to program numbers. Hopefully this will be added in a future release. This is a must for using it in a live set.

  • Benjamin Weiss

    Hi there, studiomux is not required, but you can use the functionality of it without having to buy it. The manual is here:

  • Pascal

    It did not fix all the bugs, and neither does the new beta version