If you’re looking for something fun to fiddle around with this weekend, this could be your ticket: we’re tipped off that iZotope have released a video game-themed expansion for their iPhone-iPod touch drum machine.

As Timbaland would surely say, were he asked:

T: It’s from a video game, idiot! [laughs]
P: [laughs]
T: Freaking jerk.

(Look that up, if you don’t know what I’m talking about.)

Update: VIDEO. Sweet, brilliant video.

Sure, it’s no LSDJ, but it could be a more-than-fun diversion – and I still think iZotope did one of the most elegant interface designs for the iPhone anywhere, in terms of actually designing around the touch interface.

And to think you can get it and a whole new iPod touch for the price of a Logic upgrade. Just sayin’.

iDrum Video Game Edition [iTunes]

  • Yea but seriously.. LSDJ for iPhone.

  • kris

    I agree, probably a fun diversion…but yeah. get LSDJ.

  • True, but you've got TWO pockets. iDrum in one, classic Game Boy in the other (larger) pocket. 😉

  • Downloading it now — this looks so smile-inducing!

    @Peter There's an idea for fancy soundpants — a speaker on each side, and maybe a couple more on your knees. DJ without leaving the comfort of your pockets (altho that might look suspicious).

  • Simon Lacelle

    That looks nice. But…WHY, Peter, WHY??? did you remind me of that son of a bitch Timbaland? I punched the wall a few times reading this transcript.

  • dyscode

    If you like this you should definately check out "8Bitone MICROCOMPOSER" from Yudo Inc.

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