Behringer continues to leak out teaser videos about its upcoming analog synth – and with the rest of the industry out on summer vacation, they’ve got pretty much everyone’s full attention. There’s a few things you can learn from their latest video – not least that I was dead wrong, and this is a polysynth, not a monosynth. (Oops.)

There’s an arpeggiator.

It’s got at least four voices – you can see them lighting up. In fact, those voices are lighting up a bit like it’s swapping voices from an arpeggiator, like KORG’s Mono/Poly.

There are separate LFOs (at least as evidenced by the differing LFO rates mentioned in the video.) You can see clearly marked LFO 1 + LFO 2.

You can use it in unison mode with a poly unison detune (see that big fader).

The previous video set this one up, but didn’t show quite as much (though some more on the LFOs, oscillator settings…)

I’m going to just go around now saying …

” … Peaceful … ”

Correction: he’s saying “beautiful,” evidently. I felt peaceful, though, so maybe I was projecting.

Here’s our previous still grab of the full synth (it flashes for just a moment in the first video):


  • Tony Scharf

    If it’s 4 voice, Ill be a bit disappointed. If its 6, I’ll buy two of them!

  • PaulDavisTheFirst

    It would be nice if they could include some people who can talk as if they’ve actually used an analog non-modular polysynth before. “It doesn’t sound everything else”, “It sort of sounds like two oscillators”, and other absurd comments make these reviewers just seem like really dumb choices to me. It is clearly (from the controls) a subtractive, polysynth with more or less precisely the controls and sounds you’d find on any similar keyboard you could have bought 1978-1988. It will be cheaper, and new. Do they have to pretend otherwise?

    • wingo shackleford

      Well, the dude in the video stills above, Robbie Bronnimann, owns just about every synth ever made. He’s the synth tech/player on Howard Jones’ live shows and producer on his albums. He knows what he’s talking about, and I would tend to trust his opinion – even if he is (potentially) being paid for this endorsement.

      • PaulDavisTheFirst

        I suspect they all know a lot more than they manage to convey in this video. I mean, seriously, I’m hearing the sounds of a dozen 80’s polysynths right here, followed by a gaggle of people with nothing useful to say except variations on “wow” that I frankly don’t believe reflect anything about the instrument.

        p.s. It will be great to be wrong!
        p.p.s. Howard Jones still plays live? 🙂

        • brianmoore

          I think that’s the whole point of a teaser! Nothing super specific, general “wow, that’s cool” remarks. And HJ touring now with Barenaked Ladies AND OMD!

        • Joe M

          Seems to me that it’s the fault of whoever made the video, not the folks in it.

        • wingo shackleford

          Haha yeah, evidently he does still play live! Who knew.

        • polysix

          Doesn’t sound vintage 80s poly (DCO or VCO) to me, it sounds modern but ‘sweet’. Probably better than Prophet 08, maybe – who knows – even nicer than Prophet 6/OB-6 in some ways but it does NOT sound as beautiful as the Juno 106. That is already apparent from the general tone. What it does have is features over the Junos and their like.

          For a modern Synth I’d take the Roland JD-XA if they are both 4 voice analog, the XA has a lot of stuff packed in AND great/adventurous sound.

  • itch

    synth sounds nice , don’t need others to tell me if i like it. but from the demos
    it sounds sweet. well see..

  • Tone

    Naw I swore he said “peaceful” too!

    • polysix

      Definitely “Beautiful”. It’s just his accent. I’m English and it was clear as day to me. However, after reading this article I looked again and sure enough it CAN sound like he’s saying ‘peaceful’ due to the sibilance he has.

  • Booksh

    Another interesting tidbit is that the oscillators are labeled as “DCO” (digitally-controlled oscillators) which puts them in league with the Juno106 or modern Dave Smith synths. This makes sense for a polysynth because it’s a more cost-effective way to get pitch stability than with VCOs– at the expense of a bit of analogue chaos. Note that DCOs are still generally regarded as analogue– they just require a microprocessor pulse once per oscillation period instead of oscillating on their own and taking a voltage control for pitch.

    • Adam Jay

      My favorite synths are DCOs. Analog Four, Juno 60, BS2. It’s great not ever having to fuss with tuning.

      • Booksh

        I’m particularly fond of the Juno 60 myself 🙂 Since you mention it, the Behringer synth here does look a lot like a Juno with the sliders.

    • polysix

      I’ve had all the Junos. The 106 is my choice, I just prefer it musically over the slightly ‘harder’ sounding 6/60, and all 3 are way better than the alpha junos.

      Anyway, listening to these videos a few times it doesn’t seem to have the Beautiful Juno tone, it has FEATURES yes, but that vintage DCO tone isn’t there. I’ll be keeping my Juno. I can get features anywhere. Instead this sounds like your typical modern analog. It LOOKS a bit Juno-esque as they ripped off the slider/graphics but it doesn’t sound it. Not that it makes it a bad synth, I’m sure it’ll be good in its own right but it (nor the boutiques) replace a real Juno 6/60/106 even if they have 2 oscs and more features.

  • doclvly

    originally they were supposed to be making an arp odyssey clone. it was news back when korg was making their arp odyssey

  • The anticipation of a shiny new toy! 😉

  • I heard “peaceful” too, but I do hear how it was probably “beautiful.” I thought “peaceful” was nice to hear instead of the usual “aggressive.” I love peaceful synth sounds!

  • Yeah, that did sound like “peaceful.”
    But do people actually say “PWM?”

  • Robin Parmar

    12 voice apparently, according to the most recent teaser. That answers the most common question. Sure seems a nice job!

  • nazihitler

    Why does 12-voices matter? We’ve got units from the 90s with 64 voice polyphony, for fucks sake! We should have 256 voice polyphony by now, not this weak 12 voice shit.
    I’m starting to think this “analog revival” craze is simply misguided people not knowing what they want. I bet you cannot tell the difference between a VA and a “real” analog when AB’d. The only difference is, analog is more expensive to produce, design and consume, takes up more space and uses more electricity. If you’re good at programming sounds, or good at composing music, digital or analog doesn’t matter. It’s doesn’t magically make stuff better, so stop using it as a crutch for lack of musical theory knowledge.

  • Kellien

    It’s a 12-voice w/2 DCO’s/
    Not a true analog synth.