Moog reveal their first polysynth in decades – inside the Moog One

It’s been a decades-long wait, but now Moog have revealed a flagship polyphonic keyboard instrument – a new dream synth. It’s high-end, for sure, but it also reveals where the brand that became synonymous with synthesis sees us going next. We’ve talked to Moog to find out more on today, release day.

‘Poly’ generative sequencer gets Ableton Link and more

Generative sequencer Poly gets an update that brings support for Ableton Link and the latest Audiobus SDK. It’s the first update in over a year. Here’s what’s new: Ableton Link More accurate MIDI sync More accurate sequencing MIDI connections now update whilst the app is running Muted nodes no longer send MIDI notes out Updated […]

Ashley Elsdon - July 13, 2017

Here’s a video tour of Novation’s drool-worthy Peak polysynth

The fine folks of Sound on Sound took a tour of the new Novation Peak polysynth in their UK offices. There’s a lot that can be said about the Peak, but here are the two obvious advantages. First, those digital oscillators are quite clever. It maybe tripped up marketing and some press initially, but the […]

Peter Kirn - April 20, 2017

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