Just in time for all of us to retreat into a bunker and cut ourselves off from the world — erm, uh, I mean just in case you don’t have an Internet connection in your studio, now Novation’s Web-based editor for Circuit works offline.

We’ve waxed rhapsodic about the Circuit Components before – as it turns Novation’s simple, cute, cheap, lovely drum machine into a more customizable tool. You can load samples, save presets, and make backups quickly and easily. But there’s been one very annoying inconvenience: you need to run the tool in your browser, and you need to login with an Internet connection.

Now, there’s a standalone version for Mac and Windows. Once you’ve downloaded it, you can do all the things the Web editor does, but offline. There’s also a new option for saving locally to your desktop, among a number of other nice little tweaks. If you do have an online connection, you can still use that for sharing and cloud backup, but you’re not out of luck when you’re on tour or in a disconnected studio.

Obligatory promo video, because you need them.

Grab it here:


While you’re in your Novation login, you’ll also want to check inside Circuit Components to download this excellent sample pack from the incomparable Shawn Rudiman.

Shawn Rudiman’s Post-Industrial Punch [Novation // Notes – Medium]

This is, by the way, something we’re exploring for the future with our own open source MeeBlip Web editor. It’s definitely possible to use the same Web technologies and produce something that works offline. In fact, it works well enough that this may well be the future for this kind of app. Watch this space.

  • Well, this should satisfy the people who held off because of the need to log in with Google or Facebook. I didn’t really get on with the Circuit when I tried it but I can’t deny that it’s a good value.

    • Armando

      same here. I don’t know why but it didn’t appeal much to me either and sold it within a few months. At least we gave it a try right? Not everything works for everyone I suppose.

      • Andy Q

        Sound-wise it’s not really my thang either, but I was super-impressed by the intuitive and clever screenless interface and it’s a fun little gadget to carry around and knock out some quick ideas. Sometimes I’ve been sitting outside on a sunny day having a few beers and it’s an amusing companion. Put it on the table with a few Volca’s, patchblocks and other battery powered music toys and you can get a good jam going with your mates. It can just be a drum machine if you want, and It’s also handy to use as a MIDI sequencer for other gear, so it’s pretty versatile. If only it had CV/gate output then it’d be a more portable alternative to my Beatstep Pro.

  • Thanks for the heads-up! Rushed back to the Circuit Owners Group to observe all sorts of positive reactions. Consensus is, Novation should have done this from the get-go. And if it pushes you to do the same, awesome!
    The Facebook/Google requirement was particularly strange. Even if they keep the info secure and private, doesn’t sit well with privacy advocates to restrict such a tool to those tracking services.
    Still waiting for some kind of hardware update. With Superbooth fast approaching, sounds very likely that Novation will make a move. Maybe not on the Circuit front (this update certainly points to a different timing). But it’d probably be best to wait until April 22 before making significant purchases with them.

    • Andy Q

      Indeed good news; I’d been hoping for this. I didn’t like the Facebook/google login thing, both from a privacy point of view, my general “anti-cloud” attitude and the fact that I’m often using this gear a long way from an internet connection.

  • YES!! please take note all web_app developers…

    • Hmmm, clicking the ‘Components Standalone’ link takes me to my account on the Components page, though i see no download link anywhere for the standalone version of the software.

      • Ah, i am required to register my hardware???
        Damn, giving me flashbacks to the evil Native Instruments system and the repercussions of purchasing secondhand hardware…..

        • Darren E Cowley

          Yes it’s available from your account at Novation

          • In order to create an account with Novation is the user able to register a Circuit that has already been registered by a previous owner?
            This has been a very contentious issue in the past for users of Native Instruments products (particularly hardware) and i am hopeful Novation has considered this issue when making registration a requirement.

          • 4ormal

            Scott, if you purchased the Circuit 2nd hand and do not have the included bundle code needed to complete the registration please email Novation and they will quickly provide you one. All-in-all the registration is a small step to take for a company that continually updates and improves a sub $300 music tool/instrument. My hat goes off to Novation once again.

          • That is good customer service on the part of Novation. I personally purchased the Novation Circuit ‘new’ and have had no difficulties with the registration process, and subsequently the downloading of the updates etc. A smooth process and an awesome synth/drum/fx/sequencing machine (with regular software updates and expansions). Quite a change from other machines and registration processes that i have suffered in the past.

          • Darren E Cowley

            The important thing to Novation is who owns the Circuit now…

          • Darren E Cowley

            The important thing to Novation is who owns the Circuit now…

  • Matt D.

    You still need the internet to update the firmware through the internetless program as well… I’m pretty sure. Or I’m an idiot. I thought the latest firmware would be bundled with the internetless program.