Wii as Lightsaber: More Kyma-Synthesized Goodness, But the Original was Cheaper

I think we’ve reached a geekdom singularity. Nintendo Wii controller + physical computing + OpenSoundControl + Mac + Kyma granular synthesis = Star Wars lightsaber sounds? Nicely done, Matteo Milani! More details from these Kyma sound synthesis experts at Unidentified Sound Object, which also has lots of resources on sound design in general on the […]

Circuit Bending Events, Coast-to-Coast, and a New Sega Megadrive Sequencer

What’s circuit bending? Glad you asked: West Coast vs. East Coast vs. Third Coast: now it’s on, circuit bending fans. If you’re in California or Minnesota and were cranky that New York got the awesome Bent Festival and you didn’t, it’s your turn this week. Thursday through Saturday, Bent is moving out to Los Angeles, […]

Peter Kirn - April 10, 2007

New Wave Editors: BIAS Peak Pro 6 for Mac, Sony Sound Forge 9 for PC

Two long-time favorite audio editors have gotten big updates recently. BIAS updated the Mac-only Peak Pro at the Messe show with an upgraded UI, ducking, mastering and playlist tools. And yesterday, Sony announced Sound Forge 9, with multichannel features, new mastering effects, and other features. That was quick: Sound Forge 8 and Peak Pro 5 […]

Peter Kirn - April 10, 2007

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