Illuminating Lettering as Digital Process, in Elegant, Open-Source Mac NodeBox

Digital process has often been the enemy of craft. Italy, once the land of highly skilled typographers, calligraphers, and music engravers, has given way to static, boxed-up, boring fonts like the rest of the world. It’s only fitting, then, that some lovers of type and digital media would fight back. Andren writes in to share […]

HD Color Quality Compared in QC, Pd, Jitter

To illustrate Anton’s story on HD mixing, we proudly present uncompressed PNG color samples showing accuracy in Jitter, Pd, and Quartz Composer. Well, now we present it, anyway; I was messing around with Amazon’s S3 storage service and got the link wrong. Doh. Here’s the corrected link, in case you missed it. CDM Intensity Color […]

Peter Kirn - May 10, 2007

Reimagined DIY Thumb Pianos, Amplified, Electrified, and with Faux Fur

Sometimes an instrument you know can become something else altogether. Bob Collier has been constructing his own thumb pianos, adding amplification, effects, self-sampling features, and novel cases involving recycled camera bodies and faux fur. As Bob says, “Sometimes the crudest and roughest looking kalimbas can sound surprisingly good especially with the right context of fx […]

Peter Kirn - May 10, 2007

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