Wanted: NYC-Area DIY Music Hardware + Software, ASAP

A quick call to our New York readers: for various reasons, I’d like to know in advance some particular “featured projects” for the September 27 Handmade Music held by CDM + Etsy + Make. If you’re available and have something you can show, please contact me immediately.

We’re Nerdsters; 201 Kit Video; More Projects Wanted 9/27 NYC

Because hipsters love Theremin-y crutches. Okay, music fans: reach the very vanguard of geekiness, and you can become an entirely new demographic — the Nerdster. Or so says direct marketing guru Lauren Bell for DMNews, who much to my surprise reviewed the most recent CDM + Etsy + Make “Handmade Music night in Brooklyn”: Last […]

Peter Kirn - September 10, 2007

Music + Crafts Meet: Spins and Needles!

The crafting and DIY worlds are oddly divided, as are, too often, music making and hand-making other stuff. And with these divides comes a rather pronounced gender divide, as well. At the Maker Faire, the gender balance — while not fully split — was more than a little noticeable in the Craft and Make areas […]

Peter Kirn - September 10, 2007

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