Chibitracker on DS; Favorite Trackers on the Road?

While we’re having a Nintendo DS-laden week, I thought I might mention that I got tipped off (thanks, Laurence) that the popular, multi-platform tracker Chibitracker has made its way to the DS. Consider this a rumor posted in the hopes of prodding the developer to release the ROM file. That said, readers, what’s your favorite […]

Nintendo DS as Hardware Step Sequencer

Hardware sequencers were a fantastic idea: you had a box that did nothing but sequence other gear. Then along came the computer, then the idea of trying to make the computer do absolutely everything all the time, and the standalone MIDI sequencer disappeared. In a bizarre twist of fate, it’s back — on Nintendo DS. […]

Peter Kirn - April 11, 2008

WiiWhorld Released: Generative Visuals with Wiimote and Windows

Aforementioned visual synthsizer slash exercise tool WiiWhorld has been released for public consumption. Jeff Mission has tied together GlovePIE (for Bluetooth/Wiimote input (previously on CDMo)), Whorld, and his own secret sauce (a GlovePIE script to control Whorld). Put them all together with a dash of virtual midi port, and you get this: Or as Jeff […]

Jaymis Loveday - April 11, 2008

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