Spaces and Roots: Manipulating Sound with Processing + Touch, Tangible Interfaces

Musical Applications for Multi-Touch Interfaces from BricK Table on Vimeo. Across series of colored bars, sounds warp and mutate. Vines entangle as organic threads of music. Fingers and objects traverse sonic landscapes in surprising, mysterious ways. Welcome to the worlds of BricK, the musical table interface by Jordan Hochenbaum and Owen Vallis, which, charged with […]

tbeta: Open-Source Computer Vision, Multi-touch Sensing Follows Your Fingers

tbeta preview from ~ on Vimeo. Look out: multi-touch has a new rising star. The tbeta library (short, oddly, for The Beta) is an open-source framework for computer vision and multi-touch, and it’s particularly good at following your fingers. It’s a descendent of touchlib, with some of its ideas, though a completely new code base. […]

Peter Kirn - November 25, 2008

Processing 1.0: “We’re Out of Beta / We’re Releasing on Time”

Sorry, had to quote the Coulton anthem for Portal, “Still Alive.” Processing 1.0 has finished final release status. Why that matters, on Create Digital Motion: Processing: Revolutionary Creative Coding Tool Now 1.0, No Longer Beta In my mind, it’s certainly one of the most unusual betas in creative software history. Why this is important for […]

- November 25, 2008

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