Host Windows VSTs on Mac? (Yes, But Not as Easily as on Linux)

Now that Macs run Intel processors, what was once unimaginable is suddenly possible. There’s certainly no shortage of plug-ins available on Mac OS, but users may still have Windows plug-ins they miss. Released as beta today from SM Pro Audio, VFX is an app that lets you host your PC plug-ins on your Mac: VFX […] Dead-Simple, Quick Music File Sharing Workflows, Now Real-time

Quick – you’ve got a music file that someone (a collaborator, a client, a friend) needs to hear. How do you send it to them? It seems countless Web entrepreneurs have new ways for sharing media – there are online Flash-based music editing applications, social networks, elaborate MySpace and Facebook killers. We’ve been impressed with […]

- March 11, 2009

NYC Call for Works: Handmade Music Next Week; Java/Processing, Anyone?

Handmade Music at 3rd Ward, February: from top, an Arduino Piano by Collin Cunningham (of MAKE), the Electric Junkyard Gamelan. Our Handmade Music series continues this month on Thursday evening, 3/19, 7:30p at 3rd Ward in Brooklyn. Projects are open as always. Bring hardware. Bring circuit-bent stuff. Bring code and patches. Bring works you want […]

- March 11, 2009

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