Burial and Four Tet Team Up … On Vinyl Only: “The Black Album,” In Real Life

Let me get this straight. Burial and Four Tet are working together on a record. But there’s … No artwork. No promos. An entirely … black cover? And it’s vinyl only? I’d believe the whole thing were an April Fool’s joke, if the folks at Bleep didn’t put out an email: We was so excited […]

The New Avid: M-Audio, Sibelius, Digidesign Subsumed into Avid Branding?

Avid, the parent company of music product makers Digidesign, M-Audio, and Sibelius, has decided to assert the brand of its mothership more aggressively. As near as I can tell, that means you won’t see the M-Audio, Digidesign, or Sibelius brand names any more – along with video maker Pinnacle. You’ll see, presumably, Avid Pro Tools? […]

- April 24, 2009

Google’s Android Starting to Show Musical Potential, at Last

Google Android platform running on the TMobile G1. Photo (CC)  Josh Russell. (Ironically, a Silverlight evangelist for Microsoft!) I’m not exactly doing the Android a great service by talking first about all the applications you can get for the iPhone. But I’m still optimistic about the potential for the Android platform. Because it’s built on […]

- April 24, 2009

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