Images from the Dawn of Kodachrome Color Film, and Keeping the Dream Alive

A 1922 test of Kodachrome color motion pictures predates feature-length color movies by several years. The results are eerily beautiful, a transcendent view through the eyes of someone exploring a medium that is still new technology, and the talented performers able to exploit its potential. At once contemporary and alien, the pictures are also a […]

iPhone, iPad for Wild Performances: Nonstandard Sequencing, Ableton, Gestures

Whatever the platform, you can expect musicians to do weird things and make noise. (It is, after all, our raison d’ĂȘtre.) In this case, while the input controller is an iPad or iPhone, the emphasis remains on running sound from additional gear, whether an inexpensive hardware synth in the form of a Korg monotron or […]

- August 25, 2010

Extreme Time-stretched Hamsterdance and Free and Open Source Sound Treasures

Before Bieber, there was Hamsterdance – what in 1998 counted for viral on the Internet. In today’s ever-geekier times, even obscure sound software can go viral. Photo (CC-BY) twodolla / Wendy. In this age of the 24-hour news cycle and instant publication of stories, sometimes it’s good to slow down and wait. And thus, while […]

- August 25, 2010

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