Times are dire, and people working in the arts face real challenges just buying food, paying rent, and covering health. One UK organization has some emergency grants, and they’re looking to provide more.

Pictured [and top] – Daphne Oram Awards, another case of the creative inspiration in the UK – and from an artist we’ve talked about here.  Loraine James was a 2018 winner of the Oram Awards: https://prsfoundation.com/grantees/the-oram-awards-2018-loraine-james/ and an artist forging her own legacy.

The Daphne Oram Trust carries on the legacy of pioneering BBC Radiophonic Workshop composer, sound designer, and inventor Daphne Oram. Supporting arts educators, students, and practitioners in electronic music has always been part of their mission. Obviously, now that mission takes on a new dimension, as many are robbed of livelihoods both directly in the arts and from other support jobs.

This emergency grant program is open to all through 3 August. It’s a direct relief grant of £500 each to individuals in the UK. And they are particularly interested in supporting marginalized communities, though it’s open to everyone. £500 may not be a lot, but I know artist friends who already literally went out and covered some rent or bought groceries with similar funds, whether from a grant like this, government support, or Bandcamp proceeds. That’s a lot of people right now, even in what you might imagine are privileged electronic music circles.

I’ll just paste the full information below. But I do know they’re looking for other partners to help in expanding the program, if anyone reading fits that description and wants to reach out to them.

Full support to all of you in the UK and elsewhere in the world. (If there are similar programs in your area you want to promote on CDM, please get in touch.)

I know it’s tough out there now. You’re not alone. I hope this is useful to some reader or someone a reader knows.

The Daphne Oram Trust is giving out six emergency relief grants of £500 each to support individuals in the UK working in electronic music and sound. Recipients can be composers, sound designers, performers, artists, makers, curators, event producers, teachers, sound engineers or students. Apply online by 9pm on 3 August 2020.

The Daphne Oram Trust Emergency Support Grants are open to all who work in electronic music and sound. However, applications are particularly encouraged from women and people of minority genders, BAME/POC practitioners, disabled practitioners and others who are currently under-represented in this area. We recognise the ongoing uncertainty and acute financial hardship faced by many electronic musicians in the UK, due to the Covid-19 pandemic. In line with the Trust’s remit to champion the pursuit and development of electronic music, we’re offering this timely support. Our application form should take only an hour to complete and the deadline for submissions is 9pm on Monday 3 August 2020. Decisions and payments will be made by 21 August.

There is no requirement for you to propose or produce new work. These
grants are offered as a means to overcome current financial hardship and to support your continuing development. However, if you are interested, we may be able to offer a platform to develop further online and live opportunities in the future.


You are welcome to apply for this emergency relief grant if you are:

A composer, sound designer, performer, artist, maker, curator, event
producer, sound engineer, teacher or student.
Working primarily with electronic sound or music.
Age 18 or over.
Based in the UK.
Currently experiencing financial hardship due to the Covid-19 pandemic
Not already receiving support from another Covid-19 relief fund for
artists (e.g. from Help Musicians UK).
Applicants need to meet all six of these criteria.

The Daphne Oram Trust is a charity in the UK which champions the
legacy of Daphne Oram and encourages the pursuit and development of
electronic music. Daphne Oram (1925–2003) was one of the UK’s first
electronic composers and the inventor of Oramics, an innovative new
form of sound synthesis. Co-founder of the highly influential BBC
Radiophonic Workshop, Oram was also a writer, educator and keen
advocate for the recognition of electronic music as an exciting and
valuable art form.

The Daphne Oram Trust is registered with the UK Charity Commission
(registration number 1134910).

Grant details: https://www.daphneoram.org/emergency/

Online application form: https://www.daphneoram.org/emergencyappform/

Thanks to the wonderful Sarah Angliss for sending this in. We’ll keep you informed.