Do you feel like screaming? Do you wish a crowd of people would lift you over their heads and carry you off to the sound of distortion? Get noise bombed.

Held in January 2020 in that narrow window of this year with unfettered live performance in many places, Yogyakarta, Indonesia celebrated its annual two days of raucous Jogja Noise Bombing Fest. Discipline Mag was there to document the mayhem of this legendary ritual in experimental sound. Day one is in the streets; day two indoors. But each reaches a level of ecstatic fervor that no doubt speaks to all readers here who sing, deep in their soul, as an overdrive pedal.

Oh, and it’s nice to see some familiar faces in these crowds, as well.

Speaking of screaming, it occurs that as COVID-19 guidelines forbid such things, electronic amplified sounds can literally allow us to express screams without emitting virus. (And with or without viruses about, they go easy on our vocal cords and give us sounds beyond our human capabilities.)

But there are delicate moments, too – noise not only as roaring demon, but nuanced taps like electronic rain or a flutter of leaves. So for all the bombing here, perhaps what you get in the end is music that feverishly devoted to sound itself.

In the end, even only on video, it’s all … beautiful.

Some of the featured artists you’ll see – an international group of nomads in part, all of them drawn to this centuries-old capital city for music:

Jaga Jaga


Tzii vs Catatonia

Aldo Ahmad


Lansanese – so for instance, this hit single on Yogya’s own Yes No Wave Music –

Yes No Wave Music · Lansanese “Everyone Is Gay”

And a video:



Fur Chick + Dea Karina

Dea Karina is a local; Fur Chick comes from Australia, and – well –

Furchick · Post Concussion Syndrome is Bananas

Chéng Yi Chóng + Wei Wang


Those two have been seen before. I feel obligated to embed here just to pollute YouTube’s algorithm and push the views beyond … 13. And now I can say I am subscribed to Concrescence Records.

… and some impromptu jams and interludes, as well, with various special people (plus apologies to anyone I’ve left out).

Remember, heavy chain link = proper casual attire. Now, at the moment two of us are proven free of infection, I want to be carried around to loud sounds. I imagine you do, as well. Meanwhile, scream in your heart – anger, fear, joy. And sometimes scream in electrified sound.

Also via Yogya and the JNB friends, there’s this wonderful single from late last year:

Tidak akan tenang pikirnya.
Inspired by the rites, culture, myths, heresy, and urban legends that were built by the stories and lives of his grandmother who lived on the southern side of the Yogyakarta, Parangkusumo beach bound by Javanese agrarian groups. Because everything has a dark nature, Mahamboro decided in this project to interpret the wallow in the dark side of the culture of art and myth.

released November 10, 2019

Still more Jogya Noise Bombing – and yes, they’ve launched a label.

There’s a merch table online, too, so you can support the cause and wear the wonderful beetle logo.

Happy bombing, one and all.