The depth and flexibility of insanely powerful platform SuperCollider meets a beautiful recreation of the TR-808 in the “experimental 808,” SC-808. And now it’s available in an expanded Advanced edition.

We saw this work by composer/producer and developer Yoshinosuke Horiuchi in its first, free/donationware version:

Now fans of playing with 808 and SuperCollider get an advanced, expanded edition – a great way to support the developer and to get some extra features and sounds for a pretty reasonable price.

Yoshinosuke-san tells CDM that he’s built in all these new features:

Each part expands with new options – custom filters and custom modulation (with 16x LFOs).
  • Additional Knobs for more precise sound design
  • Filters – TB-303, Moog Ladder, and HPF
  • Use (and modify) over the 100 filters available in SuperCollider
  • 16 LFOs
  • Separate outs for each part

Each instrument part now lets you choose modulation and filter – and you can mix and match, too.

Plus, the Advanced edition also includes a sample pack of additional sounds.

Obligatory promo video!

Buy via Patreon: