Live visual software makers have made Black Friday a kind of ritual, too – which means now is probably the best time to get that VJ license you’ve been wanting. (Bonus: in 2020, you alone may stand between a viewer and an abyss of boredom in a livestream.)

The ever-excellent VDMX, a VJ tool and semi-modular generative visual powerhouse, is 100 bucks off right now through December 4. I’m a big fan of Vidvox as an independent developer and a valuable part of the larger visual community, contributing open source tools and standards (ISF!) that we’re using not only on their native macOS, but other OSes, too.


If 100 bucks off still doesn’t get you there, they have some other advice:

Or if you are not a student, we also offer a “starving artist discount” – do a small community giveback project, such as sharing videos loops or making a tutorial to get an extra discount.

And to all our friends around the world, we wish you all a safe and healthy holiday season – please practice social distancing and wear a mask to protect yourselves and others!

I think that sums it up, really; we need to all take care of one another.

Black Friday – Cyber Monday Sale 2020!!! Get VDMX for only 99 USD through December 4th. [cdm referrer code, but we’re not an affiliate]

Image here and at top comes from an article with Sam Wiehl, who’s doing visuals for Ladytron and Actress, among others:


Mac/Windows software makers Resolume have 50% off absolutely everything. So Resolume Arena goes from € 799.00 to 399.50. Resolume Avenue 7 plummets from € 299.00 to 149.50. But educational licenses are on sale. So are upgrades. So are t-shirts. The lot:

It’s great software, and obviously I’ve been talking about it a lot lately, as well.


MadMapper has “Mad Deals” with half off renting and 20% off buying:


The makers of GrandVJ and GrandVJ XT have lifetime licenses at half-off – even after being acquired by InMusic. I don’t know if that is related to the acquisition, and they don’t mention Black Friday, but heck, it’s still a good deal on this tool.

AAA art package


The ubiquitous, powerful Unity has a comprehensive Cyber Week sale on, with everything from 50-70% discounts on assets up to big gifts with Pro.


Unreal Engine’s Unreal Marketplace has freebies and discounts every month (alongside the fact that they keep giving us free games in the Epic Game Store). But for Cyber Week or whatever this is, you get additional sales up to 70% off:

Houdini is … here for other reasons

Okay, this isn’t a Cyber Week / Black Friday thing but I think it bears mentioning that Epic has invested in SideFX, makers of the spectacular tool Houdini.

And you don’t have to look for a discount, because the learning edition of Houdini is free, and very capable:

That’s what I’ve got for visuals, folks, though do let us know if there’s more.

Obviously, now is also a great time to build a PC with some Black Friday deals this weekend, so there’s that. And you can do it from home without worrying about spreading The Virus. Enjoy!