Deep and wide-ranging, this musical selection of productions entirely from artists of the Indian diaspora urgently seeks your support. As the medical system fails in India, the artists are working with essential community organization on the ground serving some of the most marginalized.

I know this crisis has been hard not only on those living in India, but the many who have friends and family in the country and have to watch across distances. It’s a unique and difficult form of anxiety. So it’s meaningful that these are all artists of Indian heritage living outside the country.

And the music is something really special – both a chance to support relief when it’s needed, and to appreciate the rich and inspiring spectrum of music being produced by the broader world of people of Indian heritage.

Pooja Bangad, an artist and organizer, writes:

As you are aware, this wave of the Indian variant of the virus has crippled the nation like never before. The worst hit are the under-privileged people. This compilation is a collective effort by artists of Indian origin from all over the world to draw attention to this emergency situation and ask you to donate while sharing with you music that some of us made to cope with these difficult times along with some fun tunes which will hopefully lift your spirits in a small way.

This compilation was put together just in a few days as India needs all the help it can get as soon as possible. Hence the short notice on this request. We are hoping to reach a wide range of audiences with this selection of artists from varied genres and living in different parts of the world.

Preorder now, but out tomorrow. Already love the tracks on the preview, though.


‘We The People’ is a curated compilation of music from artists with Indian heritage living outside of India, who are coming together to support our country during these perilous times. This album spans different genres and moods, showcasing the diversity of music being made by Indian artists. This is symbolic of the citizens of India coming together irrespective of their background to fight covid and a failing system with all their might. 

By buying this compilation, you donate to charities that are currently organizing medication, hospital beds, and oxygen for COVID-19 patients, including providing aid to those who are severely affected and have little to no support from the government. 

Funds will be donated to:

– Citizens Covid War Room (treatment for underprivileged, relief for those rendered jobless & to families who lost their earning member to covid)
– Delhi Sikh Gurudwara Management Committee (Healthcare support & Logistics for COVID-19 Patients)
– Hemkunt Foundation (providing oxygen & humanitarian aid to marginalized sections of society)
– Milaap (supporting the transgender community in Mumbai)
– Mukul Madhav Foundation (helping communities access life saving equipment and relief)
– Protsahan India Foundation (aid for children orphaned due to COVID-19)

Even though this isn’t war, it sure feels like ‘We the people’ are an army on a mission.


Decoder / Low Volume / Nikki Nair / Pooja B PAV4N X SUKH KNIGHT ft. Ishani / PKO / Satya Hinduja / Snad / Stof / VANDANA / WeTurnToRed 


Decoder – Bioc 2
Low Volume – Naru Anor
Pooja B – Hecknowhere 
PKO – Sun before the storm 
Nikki Nair – ManaHoTum 
Satya Hinduja – Hanami-Nam Myōhō Renge Kyō 
Snad – Latent Heat
Stof – Blizzard of the Arctic 
VANDANA – Ecstatic
WeTurnToRed – Amber Embers

Ajaaz Rasheed (Artwork)
Rhys Copeland (Mastering) 

In association with:

Never Alone Mental Health Awareness Summit 2021

It’s not been easy for many of us from India to sit in our privileged position, while friends and family are in the midst of this horrible second wave of the pandemic. I put together this compilation as music is the best way we as artists can urgently amplify and support India’s desperate need for help, whilst being far away.

I am hoping that you will be on board to help with this time critical endeavour. We are open to support of any kind, with contacts, ideas for amplifying this, feature posts and all sorts of affords that can raise funds.