With Kyiv under attack as I write this in our neighbor Ukraine, I want to pass the mic to Ukrainian venues and artists and folks of Ukrainian descent/Ukrainian diaspora.

This haunting track comes from artist of Ukrainian descent EYIBRA fka Abraham Brody, adapting the folk song Plyve Kacha, and benefits LGBTQ charities in Ukraine:

Right now HÖR is running a fundraiser, featuring other DJs in support but also folks like Ukrainian DJ Daria Kolosova:

News and resources

Useful links here in Berlin:


Follow Ukrainian news on Babel, among others (in English). Our friend Artemiy from Sinevibes, who we’re thinking of now in Kharkiv, recommends these Russian-language sites – NV.UA also features English:




Information welcome

I know some of you will make compilations or such as a way of channeling emotions; feel free to alert me to them. Anyone with other resources we should pass along, let us know.

This site is here only because of all the connections we have in a music technology world that is open and international. We are nothing if not interconnected. Nothing is more fundamental to what to talk about in music. Take care.