Intertwined threads of color and timbre become a flowing, organic visual trip – like flowing through endorphin-flooded neurons. Visualist Defasten has teamed up with Danish composer SØS Gunver Ryberg in a perfect illustration of the glowing optimism of her new album, SPINE.

Patrick Defasten and Gunver Ryberg talk about the project as they premiere it on FACT. I like what Patrick wrote about that – it seems to fit the mood of this music. (Hey, the time is right, as Denmark hits spring after the seratonin-challenging winter.)

“We’re thrown into this virtual, cybernetic space of organic, generative design in constant movement, rotating and spinning, with a saturated spectrum of colours driven by SØS Gunver Ryberg’s energetic music,” explains Defasten. “I’ve developed visuals featuring organism-like forms, exploring an inner universe that appears hypercomplex, unstable and reactive, but it’s really about witnessing the unrestrained power that exists within this meta-world. Discussing with SØS over a call about her album’s sonic concept, we felt this dynamic visual aesthetic should exude a kind of forward facing, positive futurism, like a new digital architecture to frame the sonic vision she’s established in her album SPINE.”

See the full interview with both of them:

Fact Premiere: SØS Gunver Ryberg & Patrick Defasten – Out of the Shadows

Absolutely go check the album. Gunver is a master of sound design, and here all that craft explodes into luminous shades of timbres and crisp broken beats.

Gentleness and playfulness make a nice balance to aggression. (I mean, there’s a place for that, too, but it can sometimes feel like you’re living on a street with constant road construction. Not that I’ve ever had that happen in real life. Ahem.)

This one has plenty of layers to explore, compositionally and musically – like tilting a piece of lapis. It’s wonderful that the cover and video reflect that, too.

Enjoy – I’m off to catch a plane.

We’ve talked to Defasten about his process previously for a less optimistic world: