Advertising Policies

Our standard advertising contract is as follows:

This agreement is hereby accepted between the undersigned client advertiser and/or agency and Create Digital Media, the “Publisher,” at 171 Liberty Street, San Francisco, CA 94110. Agency and advertiser will be held jointly and severally liable to the Publisher. The advertiser shall also be liable for all collection fees, including attorney’s fees. The agency will be billed unless otherwise specified. The publisher agrees to deliver the advertising campaign above according to agreed-upon terms as set about in this agreement, with the full total of deliverable advertising being published within the contract terms.

The advertiser is free, with no less than five business days notice, to substitute creative content for the campaign or target link addresses.

The publisher reserves the right to accept, reject, or cancel all advertising copy or orders for any reason at any time. The publisher reserves the right to cancel the contract at the time of default of payment.


The advertisers and advertising agency agree to indemnify and hold the publisher harmless against any damages and expenses incurred by the publisher arising out of publication of the material in advertising campaigns, including but not limited to defense against any claim that publication of material was in violation of law or copyright imposed by the United States or another nation.


Cancellations or changes in orders are not accepted after the effective start date, and none may be considered executed unless acknowledged in writing by the publisher