FixMyMovie Makes Youtube Look Less Terrible: Review on Dansdata

Designed to enhance phone camera video, and optimized for YouTube, could be very useful for visualists. Most of us don’t perform with particularly high-resolution footage, so the dimensions of YouTube clips aren’t too much of an issue, but the horrible compression is instantly recognizable, which I’m sure prevents plenty of VJs scavenging material from […]

Output Multiple Files With a Single Render in After Effects

I’m currently pumping out some renders of Time Lapse shoots for gigs I have over the weekend. I’m outputting 640×480 MJPEG AVIs for visual use, and also 320×240 H264 MOVs for sharing. After Effects is helping with its Multiple Output Module ability, letting me create several files with a single render. It’s quick and easy! […]

Jaymis Loveday - April 12, 2007

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