You know the person – collecting weird old music gear, from highly valuable to the near-worthless used prices, as an obsessive hoarder. You open their closet and immediately want to grab a mic and start sampling. Well, that’s the feeling of this totally free library of drum machine sounds.

You get a 200MB library, with 150 drum machines. They’re eminently playable, too, with General MIDI mappings so you don’t have to hunt around for the sounds. They’re also grouped (kick, snare, hat, cymbal, tom). And there’s a lot of work here – custom graphics for each kit and custom controls for tuning, panning, and volume.


The mappings and extra features all require the full version of Kontakt, but if you’re looking for some raw samples to build your own kits in another tool (like Elastic Drums or Maschine, for instance), the sample folder is there, too.

And, wow, this collection. 808s and typical x0x are in there, of course. But there’s more: Acetone, Alesis, Casio, Electro Harmonix, Ensoniq, Kawai, Korg, Linn, Sequential, Vermona. And some really weird stuff.

There’s a Video Tech Rhythmic, really old Wurlitzer and the like, the beatbox on a Stylpohone, a Game Boy and Mattel, and things that aren’t quite household names, like Cheetah, Estradin, Dr. Bohm, EKO, Drumfire, Keio, Lel, MSC, MCP, MTI, MXR, Nasta Hit Stix, Quasimidi, and more.

Check it out:

You’ll need to register for an account at autodafe and confirm via email – though I think it’s reasonable to support a labor of love like this. (The developer also asks for a small donation.)

Mega Drum Machines Collection for Kontakt

Hat tip KVR (who have some discussion of how this is working).

  • These look great although after I had them in player it showed demo in red in the plugin screen… So I deleted everything but the samples and moved those to my sample archive… Viola! everything is hunky dory.

    • Robin Parmar

      Sorry, could you explain a little more? I am a Kontakt novice also getting the red DEMO.

      • Well.. I um.. only have kontakt player.. after I installed the pack it loaded fine.. and.. I suppose it probably worked fine as well. However.. I wasn’t really interested in digging in to how to get it to make sound too much… because it would completely invalidate my workflow.. plus the DEMO text flashing in red was distracting so I moved the samples to my sample folder and deleted everything else.. Now I can load up the samples in a drum rack to use with my MF twister and I don’t have to use kontakt player for them..

        If you are trying to learn how to use Kontakt player… Sorry.. I’m of absolutely no help to you.

  • What is the legality of these samples? If they’re free or open source what is their license?

    • lala

      Huh? Anyone can sample single sounds from a drum box. That is totally legal. And if you have these recordings who can tell who made them?
      It really trivial.

      • lala

        If you are unsure about who owns the recording rights of the samples batch process them and it technically becomes a recording you made, and it sounds and looks different.
        Sample sellers are playing this game since forever.

      • You’re correct that anybody can sample a drum machine. Your second point is the problem.

        Maybe some of the samples in this pack are from a copyright sample pack that was sold at some time and they are watermarked in some way? Without knowledge of the origins back to the source it’s a real risk. You may choose to deny it, but it’s there.

        A sample pack that is created from scratch that has a licence attached would avoid all legal concerns.

        • Carl Burns

          these samples are from
          they are legal to use in your musical works as they are user donated to the site. As long as these are only the free samples then its wrong to be asking for donations but otherwise harmless, but if they are the donationware samples then its probably more dicey especially since they are asking for donations as well.

  • Lindon Parker

    I’m assuming these are a sub-set of the freely available mega-drum machine sample set available as a zip download on the internets…(certainly sound like it from the video). So if you ONLY wanted the wav’s then that might be a better, and more comprehensive) starting point…tho of course the Kontakt instruemnts are useful if you have Kontakt,

    • Antonio Grazioli

      Hi, it’a autodafe here, under my real name…
      yes, it is a subset of that huge library. As I told I simply mapped them in kontakt, added some simple scripting and interfaces…

  • Will

    Seems a good time to repost this:

    You have to do the legwork to get them into your sample/kit player of choice but that’s a _lot_ of drum samples. I “donated” 10 or 15 bucks at some point a few years ago, mostly as a thank you, and got a massive extra set of samples. I now have more drum machine samples than I could ever go through.

  • Carl Burns

    yeah the samples used to make this were pulled straight from kb6. As a donator myself, I recognize that list any where.
    2017 update is coming [=

    • Antonio Grazioli

      yes most come from there, other sources as well