Over fifty years ago, it was built in West Berlin atop a mountain of rubble to listen in on the Communists in the East. And now, the infamous Teufelsberg UA National Security Agency tower can lend its cavernous sound to your tracks. It’s available as a free plug-in for Mac, Windows, and even Linux, and it’s open source.

Someone found this idea appealing already, as the impulse samples we wrote about previously became the creators’ most popular download.

But now, you get a plug-in you can drop in your host. It’s actually a pretty nice array of stuff here:


Lush reverbs, accurately captured at the infamous Berlin surveillance tower.
6 different IR reverb sounds.
Fast, zero-latency convolution.
A/B compare and preset saving functions
Linux, Windows & Mac downloads.
Free and open source.

Oh yeah, and if you happen to be a developer, this is a brilliant example. It shows how to build a simple effect plug-in and how to do convolution and how to work with the JUCE framework.


Here’s a look inside the facility (as linked in our previous story):



  • sounddevisor

    The netlabel Fantomton released an album a couple of years ago using tracks based on field recordings from the Teufelsberg listening station. Full disclosure – I contributed a track:


  • sux

    this is a really inspiring project. love the open source aspect of it. i hope i find the time to go into this.

  • awesome! thanks John 🙂