Robotic guitars are cool, but you know what you really want: a
propane-powered flame organ. Yes, as it turns out, enormous plumes of
fire can produce pitched and unpitched sound. (Hint: it's loud.) This
is a digital music site, mind you, so of course I've selected Eric Singer's
Pyrophone, which can be MIDI controlled; Max/MSP is the app of choice
and was adapted into a musical game of Simon, on a large, pyrotechnic
scale. Sure, the instrument isn't exactly "street legal" and I believe
the Madagascar Institute
(motto: 'fear is never boring') got in a bit of trouble with the NYPD
— but then, the term "fire hazard" would be a bit of an
understatement, huh? [ Watch the Video ]

By the way, I hope you enjoy the fun we're having. Next week is Pro Tools LE week. Really. Pro Tools LE, all week long.