CDM Trendwatch: Musicaltheaterblogging

If 2004 was the year of the blog, then 2005 will be the year in which everyone has an idea of what the big new blog trend will be. Here at CDM, we've considered the options, from Podcasting to videoblogging and yes, even smelloblogging (in which odors are delivered via RSS feed to fitted nostril […]

Online Reverb: Feed Your Audio Through a Real Tank

Ever routed audio a few feet to an outboard effects processor? How about routing your audio all the way to Oberhausen, Germany? Thanks to the online Tank-FX (link in German), you can. A server feeds your audio sample into the tank and records it with a pair of Rode NT-5s, adding a nice, natural reverb […]

Peter Kirn - March 4, 2005

Russian Nesting Doll Theremin

Tom at MusicThing scooped CDM on the Japanese cat costume accessory for your Big Briar/Moog theremin, but I'm surprised he didn't point out the other oddities at the same site, like a Matrioshka (Russian nesting doll) theremin shell. You know, given nearly-unlimited choices of things to wave my hands over, I just can't think of […]

Peter Kirn - March 4, 2005

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