Not-Ready-For-Primetime Music Interfaces: Episode 11,987

Thanks to readers asger, Fer, and Joel/Warpedeye, who send us the latest experimentation in musical instrument controllers. They don’t quite look like the Next Big Thing — but sometimes oddities are just as interesting. First up is The (Untitled) Box which “should theoretically eliminate the keyboard and mouse dance party” for running audio and video. […]

Wusikstation 2.0 Windows Super Soft Synth: I Love the 80s

Soft synth overload: it’s a debilitating syndrome where people wander around, unable to recognize loved ones, glazed eyes, muttering incoherently “VST . . . Native Kontraktimpakgutoek. . . polyphony . . . sampledgigabee…..” etc. So, let’s cut to the chase: big sample-playback synth, user skinnable and customizable, and (B3 organ aside) lots of great 80s-digital […]

Peter Kirn - July 13, 2005

DITNB: Ambiencello, Gamelan, Electronica, and More Great Online Music

We welcome back Cris atariboy Pearson, the Melbourne-based musician and plasq developer/artist, for another installment of Dithered is The New Black. He’ll be checking in weekly with great independent music, much of it free, for taking your playlists to new places: Hey all. Welcome back to the second edition for this new column. Thanks for […]

Peter Kirn - July 13, 2005

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