While we’re on the subject of scratch controllers, I love my Mixman DM2 USB controller. I use it on Windows to control VJ applications (and occasionally scratch audio samples in performance, too). After all, why should the DJs get to have all of the fun? The ring doesn’t feel terrific exactly — sure, I’d love a real deck — but it cost me only about $20 via an online supplier. (Buyer beware: Mixman doesn’t let you download drivers, so you’ll want a packaged version.)

The DM2 doesn’t work out of the box with MIDI, though. Enter the Windows-only software DM2MIDI. (See also the great user forum.) No Mac support, but it’s a dream with my PC. DM2MIDI’s free and terrific. Install MIDI-Yoke to route MIDI to your favorite app, and you’re good to go.

I was curious, though what Mixman had up their sleeve for their next product, and if they’d ever support MIDI. Boy, did I get a response: according to Mixman, the DM2MIDI software is “illegal.” Mixman has also cracked down on users trying to host the driver software for their hardware. Here’s what Mixman’s Rico Appelbaum had to say:

DM2 as a product is being replaced this X-mas season with the new “Mixman
MP3 Producer”. As well, there is another product, more advanced, called
“Mixman LoopStudio” (you can read about it on our site) which both are
combinations of Mixman’s custom USB Controller, Mixman Software, and Mixman

Mixman has not endorsed nor had anything to do with any of the
illegal DM2-to-MIDI applications that have grown up in the last few years.

Another new product around the controller is due out in 06. As of this time, there are no imminent plans to release a new version of the
hardware though it has been in discussion.

Mixman, all I can say is, I really hope you’ll reconsider. Sure, your super-simplified Mixman software is fun for kids, but should using your hardware with Jitter be a crime? (For the record, DM2MIDI is still very downloadable, so illegal or not, you can get it.


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