Video: Fijuu2 3D Sound Toy, in Action

Fijuu2 is the kind of art that seems to have dropped in from a wormhole from the future. It’s tough to describe, a rotating three-dimensional world in which visitors can sculpt glitchy and resonating sounds, represented by fluid 3D models, all using a standard PlayStation2 controller. We got a chance to see some stills earlier […]

Drool-Worthy Dual-Core PC Tower (and a Glimpse at a Future Mac Pro?)

Sonic Labs this week unveiled one heckuva dream machine PC tower, tweaked for pro audio: dual-core 64-bit 3.7GHz Pentium D965 Extremes, Presler chipset, high-performance everything, a graphics card that’s ready for four-monitor output, and 48 lbs. of PC performance. There are some details I really like, notably the mobile drives, which could let you pair […]

Peter Kirn - May 26, 2006

Logic Gets Another High-Quality Pitch/Tempo Algorithm: iZotope Radius

In February, we looked at a high-quality pitch, tempo, and time-stretching algorithm that had made its way to a new exclusive version for Logic Pro, Serato’s Pitch ‘n Time. This sort of thing is necessary if you want to change the pitch or duration of audio without the usual garbled result. Now, it’s deja vu […]

Peter Kirn - May 26, 2006

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