Fun in the Lab: NI LabVIEW, Meet Standard Windows, Mac Audio Hardware; Cheap Academic Deal

Behold the power of the Web. Back in December, a reader from National Instruments wrote to tell me that one of their developers had adapted the digital signal processing capabilities of their LabVIEW product to synthesizing sound. In other words, you can take this high-end development platform for “testing, measurement, and control” (i.e., primarily for […]

Update: Behringer BCD2000 DJ Controller Not Mac Compatible Yet, Not Really Shipping?

We posted a review by our own Jaymis Loveday of Behringer’s BCD2000 DJ computer control surface. It’s a useful piece of kit, with DJ-style mixer controls, scratch surfaces, and built-in audio. Only one problem: Mac drivers and the product itself appear to be MIA. Update 2006-01-13: We have learned that a BCD2000 user, Evinyatar has […]

Peter Kirn - June 26, 2006

SSL Console Processing for Your Mac/PC DAW; Win SSL Gear in Remix Contest

Software companies are constantly claiming they offer “console-grade” processing, and comparing their effects to the legendary console effects from SSL (Solid State Logic). Well, now SSL themselves are getting into the DAW game, with a software/hardware solution called Duende. SSL has announced Duende is now shipping for Mac, coming to Windows in the fall: Duende […]

Peter Kirn - June 26, 2006

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