I may have to stop writing about new items, because as soon as I do, they disappear for a few months. (Okay, maybe it’s not me, specifically.) The reality is, shipping music products takes a long time, so a six month or more lag between when products are introduced (often at the massive NAMM trade show in January) and when they actually ship. Here are two products you can now finally get your mitts on:


First up, Moogulator.com has details on the Korg RADIAS synth: apparently a last-minute redesign delayed shipment, but the RADIAS is now available. It seems that brilliant folding rack design we loved so much might mash someone’s fingers. (Hey, Moogulator, why did you have to point out it was someone in the US who mashed his fingers? You saying we’re more prone to acc– OW! I just sprained a finger typing.) No word on how Korg will deal with the danger of dropping this synth on your toes. Moving on …

In other news, Novation is shipping the ReMOTE SL ZeRO, the compact, keyboardless version of their ReMOTE SL keyboards. It ain’t cheap for a small controller at GBP229, but then again, Novation’s build quality is superb and the ability to automatically map controls and onboard LCDs to your favorite software could be worth it. That completes Novation’s SL line; 25-, 37-, and 61-key versions are all shipping, though 61-key models are in short supply. (Message to manufacturers: most of us still like lots of octaves.) More on this gear soon, once I can bear to deal with NoVAtiOn’s ARBItrarY CAPitalIZation oF THEir PROduCT namES.