Imagine a mixer interface applied to a real instrument, and you’ve got the Vestax Faderboard, a “keyboard-like sampling / modular instrument that operates exclusively on faders.” shing02 (Shingo Annen), the designer of the Faderboard, writes in to talk about his creation and let us know videos of this unusual instrument are now available on YouTube. Here’s the first of the series:

Vestax Faderboard Demo [YouTube playlist, via shing02]
Faderboard Overview [, shing02’s site]
Vestax Faderboard Technical Specs [Vestax Product Page]
shing02 on MySpace

Some additional details from Shingo:

there are internal sound banks (tones and drums kits) that I selected from a chip that’s the same as KORG EM-1. (it was co-developed by Vestax and Korg)

mostly, like in the video, I play long sampled tones in C that I mic’ed from analog synths and organs.

Shingo says he’s largely a producer/MC, but does play “more free jazz style in a trio called Kosmic Renaissance.” (Sounds and video of the band at MySpace.)

Old news (2003), but interesting nonetheless; I’d somehow never come across this instrument. Other examples of playing via faders? Send them in!