Electronic Film Scoring: Waiting for Godard

Estesvan Carlos Benson sends along this film score he created for Godard’s Vivre sa Vie. Keep watching — he’s got a fantastic sense of picking up the rhythm of the actress. He explains: It was basically produced with a Korg N364 and Sonar, back in 2004. Conceptually I just felt drawn to this scene. The […]

Tenori-On Pricing to Stay; Apple, Tenori-On Launch Events Today + Tomorrow

As we expected, we’ve been tipped off that despite leaked information on the Tenori-On from last week, potential buyers are unlikely to get a price break on the Tenori-On when it (hopefully) ramps up to full production after its limited edition trial run in the UK. If would-be Tenori-On buyers weren’t hungry enough for the […]

Peter Kirn - September 4, 2007

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