Since picking up my HVR-V1P I haven’t actually spent much time editing or otherwise working with HD video, instead spending my time out on the road shooting and performing. After returning (and taking a holiday) the rest of the band have settled down to recording an album and I, as part of my preproduction schedule, embarked on a Windows/CS3 reinstall to have a clean slate upon which to create music videos to accompany said album.

Which is where my problems started. Like Peter I chose to go with a sleek, bloat-free Windows XP installation. After the install completed I installed various software and drivers and all was fine, until I plugged my camera in on HDV mode.

Set to DV everything was fine, the appropriate driver was auto-installed in seconds. However, when set to HDV 1080 mode the driver install process would try to install an “AV/C Subunit” device, be unable to find an appropriate driver, and fail. Repeatedly. I found multitudinous descriptions of the problem and followed various “solutions” to no avail.

I’ll cut to the eventual, actual solution: Reinstall with a standard, bloated, untweaked copy of XP. The camera was recognized immediately.