Theremin Music, Streamed Live from Ethermusic; Moog Guitar Official

Our friends at the Spanish-language site are streaming Theremin music live for free worldwide from the Ethermusic Festival in Moog country, North Carolina. (Pictured, right: Randy George.) Hispasonic TV When it’s not live, the previous recording plays on continuous loop. From Hispasonic’s Xabier: Now we are just replaying the yesterday concert. The next live […]

Tenori-On US Presale On

As the May 1 sale date approaches, US distributor Keyfax is taking pre-orders of the Yamaha Tenori-On. The only way to order it will be (oddly) via the Tenori-On tour site: Keyfax explains: So that everyone has an equal purchasing opportunity, pre-sale orders are being taken via Tenori-on Registration on a first-come first-served basis. […]

Peter Kirn - April 26, 2008

Weekend Inspiration: Party with Experimental Sound Like It’s Montreal 1967

Simon James writes with still more free sound — and free, indeed, as Montreal Expo in 1967 (the World’s Fair) brought together some of electronic sound’s most radical musicians, the type of gang who could freak out a crowd today as much as forty years ago. Thanks again for the mention of Tone Generation. I […]

Peter Kirn - April 26, 2008

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