Preview: OpenStomp, Open Source Effects Stompbox, US$349

Ever dreamed of being able to program your own DSP hardware as easily as you can connect custom effects on your computer? Earlier this summer, we saw the open source OpenStomp effects pedal. Then, information was scant and we hadn’t seen an actual unit. Now, the box is going into production for North America at […]

Reaper, Elegant Mac/Windows DAW, Adds Gobs More Features

Welcome to Reaperworld. It’s an alternative universe, in which a “2.4.5” update is huge. Released yesterday, it’s a new build for what might best be described as an “indie” DAW from the original creator of Winamp. Check out the full feature list, but here are some highlights: “Solo in front” for easier soloing Track folding […]

Peter Kirn - August 26, 2008

OSCulator, Magic Bullet for Mac Alternative Controllers, Updated

Want to hook that joystick / Wii remote / Guitar Hero controller / something odd to your music software? If you’re on Mac, OSCulator is the do-everything solution. It’s pay-what-you-like software ($19 minimum for PayPal), and it just got a big update: Announcement: OSCulator 2.6 [Unidentified Sound Object, as seen in our sound design round-up] […]

Peter Kirn - August 26, 2008

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