CDM contributor and Friend of the Site momo has laid down the gauntlet. Sure, it’s great to talk about Nina Paley’s Creative Commons-licensed animation. But open culture is about making, not just talking. Momo has a venue – a Portland, Oregon gallery, plus The Internet – and challenges all of us to do a visual remix that will play in a browser. Here’s a look; you have until October 27, should you choose to accept your mission.

And hey, if it needs a soundtrack, CDMusic has a CC-licensed tracker music competition going – which should have some tracks soon. -PK

Open Source, Open Content, Open Invitation.

Sita Sings The Blues is a feature-length animation made (mostly) by one animator in her home studio. This would be remarkable enough on its own, but the creator, Nina Paley, decided to release the film under a minimally-restrictive Creative Commons license (Attribution-ShareAlike), encouraging not only distribution, but any and all sorts of remixes and re-imaginations. To encourage the community, she has uploaded the original FLA files to – visual stems for new projects.

I’d like to see this happen, so I’m organizing a challenge. Create an interactive art piece by October 27, inspired by the theme of ‘Conversations’. It should be something playable in a web browser. Use any visual materials from Sita Sings the Blues by Nina Paley. We’ll have a gallery showing in Portland, Oregon, and an online gallery at the project site. You’re welcome to organize local gatherings and show off the web gallery alongside work from any local participating artists. The requirements are that you:

  • Finish by October 27th
  • Use content from Sita Sings The Blues
  • Release your work under CC-BY-SA (as required by the license)
  • Release your source files (there will be a mechanism for this on the project site)

Project time is short, so get cracking on your ideas. The key here is to challenge yourself to just make something, even if it’s simple and small. Get it done, and give it back to the world.