I AM DISPLAY from dada technology on Vimeo.

“I Am Display” is 10,000 watts of lighting goodness, composed of original, handmade electronics and some 182 lighting tubes, deployed in a 13-meter length, which debuted early this year. I’m not entirely sure I follow the designers’ intentions here:

There is a sense of inverted communication between man and this man-made machine. It is bigger than our huge screens. It is higher then us and longer than our cars. And instead of doing what we tell it to do, this display does something with us. The viewer experiences a confrontation with a light display. If the display could speak, every word it says would be shouted.

But it looks terrific, and there is a strong sense of this as a separate entity. Credits:

The I AM Display project was born as a collaboration between Valentin Heun (Germany), Sagarika Sundaram (India) and Gijs Burgmeijer (the Netherlands) during the Palomar 5 residency towards the end of 2009 in Berlin. Our common interest for information technology, art and design is what shaped this project the most.

We would like to especially thank Simon Kowalewski for his brilliant work on electronics and programming and Pippin Wigglesworth, Jessica Altenburger and Jay Cousins for doing everything in their power to help realising this project.

Here’s a behind-the-scenes interview with the creators, by Your Neighbors – the same folks who just did a lovely animation for Music Hack Day and now are associated with SoundCloud.


interview gijs from Your Neighbours on Vimeo.