Well, it’s official – the fact that you can beatbox with Google Translate has gone completely viral. I’ve even heard it crossing over into mainstream media (like the BBC mainstream). This also says to me that the Web could be fertile ground for creating musical toys that distract people from work. (Hmmm… okay, that may not be the best argument for getting your employer to upgrade their rusty old “vintage” MSIE to a new, HTML5-savvy browser.)

The best evolution of this yet: YouTuber chulini sets the Translate German beatboxing to a mash-up of Internet memes, hip-hop infused. It takes a nation of millions to make us a meme. (Apologies, Public Enemy.) See top.

Here’s what I want to know: has anyone been able to determine who originally came up with the textual incantation for this pattern? And if you could have a Google Translate beatboxer-rapper, what would you want it to do?

Oh, and at the next concert, will someone ask us to stick a fish in our ear? Douglas Adams would surely have loved this.