Readers have spoken, and it seems recent outings by Brian Eno can be a bit divisive. (Okay, I’ll admit – I wasn’t at all fond of Everything That Happens Will Happen Today, as a huge fan of Byrne and Eno.)

But Eno isn’t the only English musical legend who … cough … might make fans long for the earlier stuff. See video explanation above.

Music is, of course, taste – part of why we enjoy it is that it is emotional and not objective or (gasp) entirely quantitative.

So, to me, there’s not a moment of the above BBC Web-only comedy sketch that isn’t brilliant. Of course, you’re welcome to disagree. I might just have to ask you to leave.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to frame my exclusive artwork from King of Limbs and put the vinyl edition on the phonograph, after connecting my gold-plated cables. You just can’t hear it at all, otherwise. Who said “hero worship”? SHUT UP! OUT!

(quiet voice in the back … “well … i rather liked … king of limbs…”)

Via Myles Ashley Borins.